Survival Sex Episode 1

Let’s talk about survival sex and the repeated traumatic episode of a constant flee for safety.

………………. full disclosure I will never be ok again. Just listen and and protect trans kids and know what this behavior is so a little girl like me never has to live that again.

I was 15…. he was 55. He told me he would listen to me because I didn’t have any friends. No one understood why I was so feminine. I really needed a friend I was being severely abused at home for being me and my guidance counselor in school would tell my stopmon everything and when I would get home I would get berated and screamed at and cursed at and told how disappointing I was and that I would die. Then my father would get home and I would remember things and how he abused me even younger a lot may not know but he was the reason for my first suicide attempt at 9 I was not allowed out of my room in a second floor room with no ac. I only had a mattress and a sheet. I played with the ants that were on the window sill. I get stuck at this part a lot. It hasnt flashed in front of me but I think I’m making progress here.

Back to 15.. . I was being abused and needed a friend so I downloaded grindr….. worst mistake of my life…. but met this man that was 55 and he asked to meet me behind riteaid and I thought we were just going to talk. That didn’t happen and I haven’t been the same. Since. Today I’m deleting grindr. I’ve earned and learned my worth as a womxn to never look back on that. The app is toxic and feeds on vulnerable womxn like me.

That 55 year old man told me how pretty I was and then took advantage of me. Sexually. I ran from the car. I couldn’t talk about it at home or school and never mentioned it until now.

The girls need you to affirm their gender at home and embrace it. It protects us more then you ever will know in a world where inclusion is the opponent in schools and every other institution we exist in with you…

You need to protect us.

I found a huge root today. I’m going to do some cleaning.

Protect trans kids. 🦭🌞🐘🐥🦖🐛

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